peace of mind

One of my favorite local restaurants, which has locations in both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, has one quality that I truly appreciate: You can have a conversation with the person across from you without having to yell to be heard. The owner explained to me how the pillows in the booths and the sound panels on the ceiling all work to thwart the noise that’s all too common in restaurants. When dining out, we enjoy a peaceful environment where we can eat, socialize, hear, and be heard. We crave that same peace and quiet in our homes.

One couple in this issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico positioned their contemporary home out in the East Mountains in order to achieve that peace and quiet. Another was able to achieve a level of sound management by positioning landscaping, walls, and windows to block unwanted noise, and even wrapped their home around a center courtyard to embrace the quiet.

There are other ways to find the sounds of silence. Sound panels, like you might find in a recording studio, have the functionality to absorb sound and make your space more serene. I love that these panels nowadays also double as interesting pieces of contemporary art. In a noisy world, this is one of the finest solutions I’ve seen to bring us the peace that we long for in our homes. It may not be peaceful all the time, but designing a home with serenity in mind is a great start.

Also in this issue, we’ll guide you through the 2018 Fall Parade of Homes. Thirty-three new homes are spread out throughout the Albuquerque area representing a wide variety of architectural styles. Tour them at your own pace. Looking for ideas? Between the many locations, both urban and rural, the innovative styles, and different price points, the perfect home is out there for you. And, likely, the perfect home builder, too.

This issue is full of inspiration. New houses, remodeled houses, and quiet houses—they’re all within these pages, and all have been tailored to the needs and desires of the folks who love them. They’ve found their peace; now find yours.

Bruce Adams