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by Moll Anderson

The holiday season is a special time to celebrate friends, family, home, and tradition. This time of year also provides the perfect excuse to dress up your spaces and engage in festive activities you don’t normally get to do year-round.

Christmas and Hanukkah are two holidays that inspire many in the world to stop their crazy schedules just long enough to decorate specifically for the occasion. It’s a time where we plan, create lists, spend money, wrap gifts, cook and bake time-honored recipes, and ultimately create a different atmosphere within our homes and lives. Yes, there’s some stress, and we might find ourselves complaining, but at the end of the day, our traditions are important to us. It seems that creating our holiday ambience is something we’ll continuously go the extra mile for, whether that involves dragging trees, living or fake, into our homes or decorating the front lawn with thousands of lights.

Decorating for the holiday season can mean many things: hanging stockings along the fireplace, placing a wreath on the front door, setting out the family menorah in its place of honor, or changing your entire table setting. We create these big moments within the home that take time and appreciation, yet somehow often forget about ourselves. While it’s important during these months to make your home feel like the holidays, a lot of the season’s spirit and cheer comes from within.

Who says you can’t live your best life every single day? Who says you can’t make people around you always feel special? It doesn’t mean you should feel obligated to decorate for every single season and holiday; it means that you can create a positive, festive, and happy atmosphere within your home every single day through your energy. If you’re manifesting an encouraging and comfortable atmosphere on a daily basis, those around you and in your home will feed off of it. You can simply create the sense of holiday magic all on your own, whenever you want!

You can create a positive, festive, and happy atmosphere within your home every single day through your energy.

You can achieve this in many ways within the home by doing small things that make you happy. Some ideas include lighting a fire in the fireplace, blasting music throughout the house, adding fresh flowers, or using the good china for a casual dinner with the family. As I always say, “You are the most important person who will ever step foot into your home,” so as you go into this special time of year, pay attention to what you and your family love the most about this time, and give each other the gift of keeping the magic alive 365 days a year.