cleaning house


We consider this, the Winter issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico, our remodeling issue, providing ideas and inspiration for the various renovation projects you might be considering.

While some may dread inclement weather, many of us savor the opportunity to address things in our home such as the nagging needs we set aside throughout the year while we enjoyed New Mexico’s lovely weather. The winter weather tends to bring outdoor enthusiasts indoors, and our homes often benefit from our presence. It might start by eliminating the clutter that has built up in garages, home offices, and master bedrooms. When one’s house is clutter-free, as several of the contributors to this issue write, the creative mind can soar, free of mental distractions. 

With the clutter gone, you will likely enjoy your spaces more. As we see in this issue, many a remodeling project was started by clearing the distractions. The first step in planning a renovation is imagining what a room or a house needs to be for you and then formulating your ideas. 

Our two featured homes couldn’t be less alike in design, yet both went through transformations as their owners found clarity in what they were looking to achieve, and stayed true to their visions. One home is the definition of minimalism; the other is more traditional. Both are examples of lives and treasures well-curated and free of clutter.

Now—before spring and its distractions arrive—is the perfect time to begin the process of organizing your home and your life. It all starts by getting rid of what is not needed, or what does not bring you joy. Follow the many suggestions about clearing out clutter, and then imagine what your home could be for you and your family. With the help of talented craftspeople and professional designers like the ones you will meet in this issue, you will be on your way to a home that will make you proud and leave you satisfied.


Bruce Adams