inspired solutions


When this year’s long cold winter drew to a close, I felt ever so grateful for the projects I did around my home last fall. While the skiing was great all over Northern New Mexico for many folks, I have a feeling we spent considerably more time in our homes avoiding a relatively severe winter. With spring finally here, it’s time to gear up for the warmer months ahead and prepare our homes for other seasonal activities.

A great place to start is by taking advantage of the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico’s annual Spring Parade of Homes coming up in late April. All the details, maps, and descriptions of the homes are right here in this issue of Su Casa Northern New Mexico, so be sure to bring your copy with you as you visit each home. 

Touring the homes will expand your vision of what your current home can be, and it’s also a great way to see firsthand what’s new in homebuilding in the Albuquerque market. In many of the new homes you’ll see innovative building techniques and technology interfaces that meet the needs of tech-savvy homeowners.   

Even more interesting is noting how new owners have dictated their needs to a custom builder, architect, or interior designer and then seeing the result. I love how animated builders become when they describe the various challenges presented to them by their clients, and then get even more excited when they show me the solutions they came up with that aesthetically and functionally met those challenges. 

Your preparations for spring can be more subtle, such as an upgrade to a bathroom. Our bathroom pictorial will have you seeing this critical room in literally a whole new light. From skylights to brick floors, your bathroom can take on a look that excites and inspires. 

The ongoing goal of Su Casa is to inspire you and provide interesting solutions to having a home and a lifestyle here in New Mexico. We live in a beautiful place that affords a wonderful quality of life. It’s my wish that this issue helps you find a bigger slice.


Bruce Adams