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Singing Bowls

by Amy Gross

Gold makes a brilliant comeback in 2019.

Gold and bronze fixtures and furniture—de rigueur in the ’80s and ’90s—fell sharply out of favor with homeowners and designers when muted wall colors and natural elements like wood and stone became more prominent. Like all design trends, however, gold and other warm metallic hues are making a stylish comeback—though in much smaller doses than before, and most notably as elegant accent pieces in tandem with those natural elements. Here are a few gilded items that beautifully pass our “trending test” for the shiny new year.

Hancock & Moore Susa Table

Hancock & Moore Susa Table
The Susa Table is as organic a shape as you can find, resembling a wave caught in mid-motion. A sculptural U formation splits into four delicate tips that balance a glass top, for a golden accent piece that’s at once arresting and subtle. Imagine it with a vase of colorful blooms casting hues through the glass onto its shimmering base. $1,899, Dana Stringer Interiors,

Corbett Pulse Pendant

CorbettPuls Pendant feature
Corbett Pulse Pendant A stunning blend of art deco elegance and feminine grace, the round Pulse pendant is made of delicate mesh “flowers” that cast a beautiful golden glow. Suspended from the ceiling from a straight rod, the organically shaped fixture helps to soften the hard edges inherent in dining rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. The 30-inch pendant is shown here, but it’s also available in larger sizes for an even more dramatic effect. $2,500, Bright Ideas dba The Lamp Shop,

Kohler Purist Single Control Lavatory Faucet

Kohler Purist Single Control Lavatory Faucet
Modern and minimalist, this is not your grandmother’s gold faucet. The durable, solid brass Purist bathroom faucet has a single, straight lever handle and comes with a high-temperature limit stop that allows it to be turned on and off at any temperature setting. You can even pre-set a comfortable maximum temperature to eliminate scalding. This sleek piece comes in several gold finishes, including Vibrant Moderne Brushed Gold, shown here. $970, Destination Dahl,

Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls
Tibetan singing bowls have origins dating to the fifth century BCE. They are made of different metal alloys—some are 7, 9, 11, and 13 alloys—that create different sounds. The rich tones invoke a deep state of relaxation, which in turn aids in meditation. Available in various sizes, these lovely singing bowls make a special and purposeful addition to the home. Starting at $90, Sukhmani Home,

Original Style Inca Gold Mosaic Tile

Original Style Inca Gold Mosaic Tile
These gleaming metallic mosaic tiles certainly catch the eye, perfect as backsplashes in kitchens, bathrooms, powder rooms, and wet bars. Made of a metallic glazed resin, this indoor-only tile brightens and cheers spaces of all sizes and looks great in every style of home. $40 per sq. ft., Statements In Tile/Lighting/Kitchens/Flooring,

Jonathan Charles
Gilded Rectangle Sunburst Mirror

We know a thing or two about sunshine in New Mexico, and this striking mirror embodies the majesty of the sun in an intriguing, textural design. Capturing the essence of neoclassical grandeur in a design reminiscent of the powerful Zia symbol, the mirror features “rays,” fashioned from wood, that radiate in a gold leaf finish. $995, Santa Fe Home,

Pacific Coast Lighting Ripley Table Lamp

Pacific Coast Lighting Ripley Table Lamp
A bold, contemporary aesthetic defines the angular and geometric Ripley lamp, but it’s the brilliant, gold leaf finish that really catches the light—and the eye. A simple white shade allows the metallic base to shine both figuratively and literally, a shimmery accent piece designed to enhance transitional, contemporary, and even midcentury modern style homes.
$130, Bed Bath & Beyond,

Brass Contemplating Buddha

Brass Contemplating Buddha
One of the most beautiful ways to add a bit of gold to your décor is with a piece of elegant and meaningful statuary. Head resting over bent knee, this sweetly posed Buddha from India is in a state of repose and reflection, and is just one of many lovely statuary pieces available at Sukhmani Home.
Starting at $25, Sukhmani Home,